Monday, February 8, 2010

Greg is not an alien.

If you haven't seen one of these (3) recent sketches from SNL, be sure to check at least one of 'em out. Funny stuff! Suffice it to say that Greg seems to be an alien.

I impressed myself by actually starting and finishing a new caricature painting the day after I finally got caught up with editing and uploading all the old artwork from September-January. I hadn't done a pencil drawing with watercolor on coldpress watercolor paper since the caricature con, but luckily I fell right back into the groove of using that same technique here, 2 months later. The tough part about this was that it's Bill Hader with a wig and prosthetics making an expression that looks nothing like him. I ran into a similar problem drawing Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander making the Blue Steel expression. How do you best capture a character's look while still maintaining the actor's likeness? A question for the ages, I suppose.

Here are some links for the Sports Show clips:
Sports Show w/The Rock
Sports Show w/Gerard Butler
Sports Show with Jon Hamm


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this randomly, but this is great! I think you definitely captured both the actor' likeness and the character. I love those sketches, too. Awesome work in general, too!

Mike Briggs said...

Real nice! I think the likeness is good. it looks a little like Rain Wilson also.

Eric Goodwin said...

Thanks... anonymous.

Thanks, Briggs. I think what might be off is that Hader's jaw is more square and wide, but this expression kind of stretches his face a lot. There's other stuff too, so I'm only moderately happy with this piece. If this were a stand-alone illustration not meant to be based on anyone, I would really love how this came out.