Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Last of the Live Mall Caricatures

Here's the last batch of pencil-and-airbrush caricatures for a while, as I'm starting to get used to using Markettes and artstix here in San Diego. I did these all at another local mall in New Hampshire over the course of 2 and a half weeks with my own setup again. I basically worked 12 hours a day for 18 days straight, did some decent drawings and made a whole bunch of cash! Which is always nice and helpful when you have to drive from one "corner" of the country to the other. Enjoy!

Pock-Marked Vampire

Static EleChickcity

Goblin Girl and Gnome Guy

Big-Mouth Bass Boy
I wouldn't recommend feeding him anything by hand if you're a fan of having fingers.

Birthmarked Pixie

Just a Girl and Her Dog
Happy with how the dog came out.

Eyelash Rakes and Picasso Eyes

Pumpkin Head

Almond-Toothed Girl and the Music Man
These guys were really cool and let me exaggerate as much as I wanted. I definitely learned a lot doing this drawing, and I think it's currently one of the best caricatures I've ever done.

Smiley Face
Thought I'd continue the circle motif in the background.

Magical Girl
I really like how the colors came out in this one.

Orange and Raw Umber
The color of their faces was really easy to replicate, but my favorite part of this is her earrings.

Oval Cheeks
Yeah, I realized what this looks like pretty early on, so I just went with it haha.

Wittle Orange Dress

The Bearded Dragon Society
That's magical purple smoke, in case you were wondering.

Eyes of Blood

Bumps and Underfangs
These guys got a drawing from me and then came back for another one a couple days later, asking for a funnier one. This was a lot of fun to do and is one of my faves at the moment.

Lopsided Skull

Natural Asymmetry
She was really cool and loved the drawing.

Ornery Owl
She wasn't sure what to make of it, but her son was cracking up the whole time, so that helped.

Chipmunk Chick and Wonky Eyes
Nothing too special about him, but she was a lot of fun to draw and paint.

Witchy Woman and Goateed Guy

Clefted Chin Chica

A Fitting Couple
First date at a mall while being supervised by their mother. Aww! Not really sure why he's kinda floating, but why not?

Inversed Jaw and Round Jaw

Pirate Girls
Depth perception is so over-rated.

Dimple Wells and Best Friend

Downward Lashes and Eye Caverns

Head-Popsicle-on-a-Stick and Hair Swoop of Orange (aka Jenny and Meghan)
My sister Jenny is the one who is not a redhead.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cross-Country Craziness

Here's a few of my favorite, most artistic photos of sight-seeing, architecture and landscapes that I experienced with my dad on my drive from New Hampshire to San Diego, California over the course of 8 days. I think that most of these photos can't even begin to capture how overwhelming it was to see this stuff in person, but it might at least give you an idea of the awesomess. I was unlucky and lucky enough to lose my year-old camera while at a Boston Red Sox game just a week before leaving, so I ended up getting a sweet new Sony camera that's way cooler than the one I had before. Enjoy!

Cleveland, Ohio
You can see the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Browns football stadium and some water.

Chicago, Illinois
The Sears/Willis Tower Skydeck. The view from up there was crazy and a bit scary.

St. Louis, Missouri
The St. Louis Archway, the Gateway to the West. Also got to go up an elevator in this thing and look out from the top. You can't really see the small windows from this angle. It was a really gray, soon-to-be-rainy day.

(Somewhere in) Colorado
Talk about some curvacious green hills. Straight out of Super Mario Bros.

(Somewhere in) Arizona, near Monument Valley
I liked how jagged and fantastical these rocks were.

Monument Valley, Utah
This was probably about a 180-degree panoramic taken from a dirt road you can drive on that takes you down into the valley.

Monument Valley, Utah
This caterpillar was so spiky and cool that I had to grab a shot of it.

Monument Valley, Utah
Probably my favorite photo that I took during the trip. I like the contrast between the crisp and vibrant flowers and the muted, epic background.

Monument Valley, Utah
I like how the plant breaks the plane of the buttes in the background. The swirly white growths of the plant are kinda cool too.

Zion National Park, Arizona
The collage-y feel of this photo was a happy accident. I had left a map of Zion and some brochures about Zion on the dashboard of the car, making them reflect onto the windshield and creating a cool traveling-through-Zion image suitable for a travel book that I didn't notice until afterwards.

Zion National Park, Arizona
I thought the honey-combed rocked was pretty cool.

Zion National Park, Arizona
Waterfalls at the Emerald Pools

Zion National Park, Arizona
Pretty majestic.

The arrows breaking up the outline of the mountains in the background is pretty cool. I liked this shot when I was taking it because you just want to look out at the scenery but have to turn away from it or your car will go careening off the edge. Don't worry, my dad was driving when I took this shot.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Venetian. This resort probably puts the most effort into making the interior actually live up to the theme of the resort. I like how they painted the ceiling with clouds and created a just-about-sunset mood with the lighting.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Palazzo. I liked the reflection of the parasols on the ground.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Mirage. Pretty appealing on its own; all I had to do was find a good spot to shoot it from and come up with a composition that worked well, which was pretty easy.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Crystals. Some of my favorite architecture in all of Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Crystals. The blues, yellow-grays, blacks, straight lines and crisp edges really made this shot appeal to me, not to mention the composition.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Crystals/Aria. I really liked how all these verticals lines become diagonals and overlap each other in interesting ways when you stand in the right place while looking up.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Monte Carlo. I found a good place to half-crouch so that the Monte Carlo words would show up close to and underneath the fountain. I like how the yellow-white of the building contrasts with the warm blue of the fountain and how the water from the fountain drips down in front of the Monte Carlo words and the white statue to the right.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The Sunset Strip. I like the downward diagonal from left to right of the buildings. The van with the girls on it that somehow made it into the photo perfectly sums up the other aspect of Vegas that isn't exactly as family-friendly as guitars, Coca-Cola and M&Ms.