Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Convention Artwork

My Wall

Greg McCrary

Sun Yeong


Andy Urzua


Aaron Philby

I did these all with the 6B graphite lead holder we use at 6 Flags, NE with watercolor on coldpress watercolor paper. This style was somewhat similar to some caricature illustration work I've done before, but I hadn't worked much on watercolor paper before with this technique, and the texture of the paper led me to try new techniques. Overall, I was pretty happy with how this stuff came out, so I'll definitely see where else I can go with this style.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 Caricatures of Amazingness

Jert's caricature of me

Aaron Philby's caricature of me

Tomo Tabata's caricature of me

These were my 3 favorite caricatures that other awesome caricaturists did of me at this year's caricature convention. Amazing!

Trying Stuff Out

Heidi Klum

The likeness really sucks, but this was at least good practice for trying out 6b graphite with watercolor on watercolor paper, a technique I used a few days later at the convention. I'm also pretty happy with the anatomical exaggeration and linework. Likeness, not so much.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mall Sketch #46: Bloody Tears

Mall Sketch #45: Mr. Fat Potato Head

Mall Sketch #44: Pucker Up!

Mall Sketch #43: Bottle Beaut

Mall Sketch #42: 5:00 Mustache Shadow

Mall Sketch #41: Cyborg Señorita

Mall Sketch #40: Daffy Dude

Mall Sketch #39: Ursula Shopper

Mall Sketch #38: The Interrogator

Mall Sketch #37: Joe Giraffe

Mall Sketch #36: Japan-Style Cutie

Mall Sketch #35: Awkward Kid

Mall Sketch #34: Hair Stylist Mom

Mall Sketch #33: Rachel Raccoon

Mall Sketch #32: Big-Mouthed Bass

Mall Sketch #31: Turtle-Necked with a Soda

Mall Sketch #30: Chicken-Legged, Big-Gutted Old Dude

Mall Sketch #29: Troll Doll Hair

Mall Sketch #28: Window Glasses