Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 Caricatures of Amazingness

Jert's caricature of me

Aaron Philby's caricature of me

Tomo Tabata's caricature of me

These were my 3 favorite caricatures that other awesome caricaturists did of me at this year's caricature convention. Amazing!


Damion009 said...


Eric Goodwin said...

I know! I was so psyched cause I've been following these guys' work for a year or two and was really lucky to be drawn by the three of them!

Derek Edwards said...

What a great haul. Despite my views against killing penguins, I love Tomo's sketch.

Eric Goodwin said...

Yeah, and I got about 10 cool other drawings at the convention too, but these 3 really stood out. Makes me really happy that I look like I do haha.