Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cripple Con 4 Life

Here's a few pieces of art from this year's Cripple Con, a caricature convention dedicated to the somewhat recently crippled Len Hernandez.

Sean Evans

Marlo Meekins

Jeff Pecina

Patrick Martinez

The Great Unveiling

Here's my family unwrapping and seeing their drawings for the first time on Christmas. Fun!

The Fam!

I did these drawings as gifts to my family for Christmas. They knew I was working on drawings of them but had no idea what the drawings looked like till they unwrapped them for Christmas.

my Mom

my Dad

my sister Kimberly

my sister Jenny

Lumpy Self-Caricature

Abstract Self-Caricature

International Society of Caricature Artists Vegas Con

Here's my wall of art from the convention!

Andrea Gerstmann

Lindsey Woodward

Derek Brennan

Amanda Nikki

Desiree Cadua

a couple caricature paintings of friends

Here's David Patel, a cool caricaturist who worked at the San Diego Zoo last summer that I painted a few months ago.

Here's Trevor LaFauci, a cool guy who moved out to San Diego from my home town of Londonderry, New Hampshire shortly before I did.